Cheesehenge, non-virtual


photo and henge by Kilaana, also see this one

Time for a foodhenge again. That the only cheesehenge we’ve posted so far was a virtual image is a situation that must be rectified, so we return to our henging friend Kilaana for her High Dynamic Range image of this Stonehenge of cheese. For her gardenhenge Kilaana hand cast the stones from cement. The cheese required less work, but she made up for it in the production of the photo.

Kilaana’s pictures make up 4/7 of the Cheesehenge Pool on Flickr, but on the web and apparently in the world, cheesehenges abound. They rank with straw and hay henges, blockhenges, boxhenges, beach stonehenges, cookie[biscuit]henges, and snowhenges (I know there are a few more), as the most frequently made–or at least posted–hengeworks.

As for scoring, we see in the other photos that Kilaana makes a point of placing a few trilithons in the middle of the linteled circle. And going to the trouble of merging three images just for a photo of a cheesehenge shows dedication that demands respect. Score: 6 druids for this yummy henge.

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