Miniature Stonehenge, Saxony, Germany


photo by Jan Herold, with permission

“Herzlich Willkommen!” says the Miniwelt website. Miniwelt or Miniworld is another park of miniatures, in some ways similar to Cockington Green in Australia or Babbacombe Gardens in England. And, of course, they have a Stonehenge all their own. Here is the official view, from their website.

miniweltWhat do you think? Are these worked stones or molded cement? Tough to say. [Later note: we have it from the photographer that they are indeed stone.] The proportions are certainly better than the Brisbane model and we like it a little better than Babbacombe’s, too. Legoland Windsor still wins when it comes to shape and proportions of the stone, I’m afraid.

The question people have put to us is, Where are the Avebury replicas? Why is it only Stonehenge? We think that a place like this would seem twice as classy if it replaced its Stonehenge with an Avebury, but we doubt it will ever happen!

Score? 6 druids. After all, we see some bluestones in there, and isn’t that a heelstone? Someone gets it, sort of.

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