Beach Stonehenge: Welsh replica


photo and henge work by mord and friend Joseph

Beaches are places where stones come together with people who have free time, so there are plenty of photos of henges made from beach stones. We’ve been waiting for some time, though, to find one as nice as this one. In most of the ones we’ve seen, inappropriate stone shapes blunt the impact of the henge structures.  In this case, however, mord must have had a picture in his head of a basic Stonehenge stone shape and searched for stones to match. Even the stone colours are close. Nicely done!

Of course, the circle is made entirely of trilithons with no inner horseshoe or rings, but compared to any other beach henge this one rules! The next best may be this picture from Lake Baikal,because it’s nice to be able to see  a henger in action.

The photo is nice here, too, with the pier echoing the henge structure and with shadows to suggest its sundial capabilities.  Score for this graceful Penarth Henge: 6 druids. And mord promises another when the weather gets better!

2 thoughts on “Beach Stonehenge: Welsh replica

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