Gardenhenge, after the winter


photos and henge by Kilaana

This henge first caught our eye when we saw it in its full glory:


but we find the picture taken after the elements had their way with it even more evocative of the original. This is not, as it appears, just another henge of small stones found nearby. It is the result of thought and work–the ‘stones’ were cast of Sand Topping Mix and then carved to more closely resemble the stones of Stonehenge! These people were determined . . . and perhaps a bit nutty. But in a good way, we think.

Maybe the elements were making a gesture to recognise this when they destroyed the henge in a way that made it resemble its ancient parent. This couple makes cheese henges, too. Kilaana says they are a hit at parties. We want to go to the parties she goes to! We could bring a Stonehenge game and a Stonehenge watch and some crackerhenges to go with their cheesehenges. maybe dress as druids. A party for henge-heads–it’s a thought.

Speaking of druids, there’s the question of a score. We give this one 7½ druids as is. Rebuild it with the trilithons added and we’ll probably give it an eight!

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