Boxhenge: a form that had to be

Okay, yes, this video could use some colour intensity and sharpening, but it is what it is, and we do like the quick action and good humour. It would go well with a little Keystone Cops music!

Boxes, being cuboid in form, lend themselves to henge making. Probably many boxhenges that have existed never made it to the interwebs. Even on the web, some get away. We like the outstanding boxhenge picture at this link, but we couldn’t find the email address for asking permission.

We speculate that the activity in the video above may have been inspired partly by the cement circle in the lawn. It’s the sort of thing that can stimulate a latent henge impulse, especially if there are boxes at hand. Scores for these: 6 druids for the proud henge builders in the video (plus thank you for preserving it for us to see!) and 7 druids for the impressive boxhenge at the mystery school. We’re always pleased to see evidence of a new generation of henge builders on the way!

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