Tamponhenge (apologies in advance!)


As we say in our “Why?” page, Stonehenge replicas are often made of the most unlikely materials. We saw our first tamponhenge on the web some years ago, but its web address now goes to a 404 page not found page on the University of Nottingham website. Fortunately (?) another tamponhenge has been posted on a Czech website [now sadly no longer with us, and anyway, we’ve since been told it was the same one.]. Translated, the site title, Slunecní hodiny (add a carat above the c), means something like sun clock or sundial.


What sets the site for this homemade henge above the rest are several photos that are visual portrayals of how the ancients achieved the movement and erection of the tampon “stones.” Above, for example, we see two oxen pulling a megalith across the landscape. We don’t know the significance of the mysterious face on the paper plate above the scene in some shots. Perhaps it represents the sun?

If you know us at all by now, you may guess that the megalithic-moving dioramas are likely to translate into some big druids for this henge. And you are right. Score: 8 druids and some big applause, which requires no translation!

[An interview with the maker of tamponhenge can be found here.]

9 thoughts on “Tamponhenge (apologies in advance!)

  1. Has anyone tried using wayback machine with the old address? You might have to try a couple of the dates, but it will get you all the pictures.

  2. Well, we’re grateful for the dodgy website, preserving this momentous creation when its originator failed it! Thank you for adding to our knowledge of the henge’s history. These things need to be documented.

  3. The original Tampon Henge was created, to my knowledge by a chap named Mikey, not sure who else helped, but the URL thats up there now seems a little dodgy to me… Think he just decided not to keep the URL up for no apparent reason… he was a student at Notts Uni living in Hu Stu halls back I think, in 2000/2001. Great bloke!

  4. Thanks, although I’m not sure that clarified anything. 🙂 We’re out here -ish.

  5. Hi, I believe the original Tamponhenge was the idea of a guy known to me as SexyManHippo in Freeserve/Wanadoo chat. Hello if you’re out there!


  6. Ah, thank you! So there was one tamponhenge represented twice and not two competing tamponhenges.

  7. The Czech website only shows the original photos from Nottm Uni. I know as I’m sat with the person who took the original photos!

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