The Hengiest Biscuit


Grainy photo taken in the heat of battle

The web page title screams, “Biscuithenge–the ultimate world record showdown,” and with that the contest for the world biscuit* henginess championship unfolds (with, in the author’s words, ‘the use of a very bad camera and a bottle of high quality booze,’ not hard to believe). It’s a short fun read, with Stonehenge itself quickly eliminated. “Stonehenge – The traditional favourite in the pagan pops was swiftly dismissed by the panel who described it as passe, inedible and overrun with tourists.”

To learn what manner of biscuit took the title by “embracing contemporary values and looking positively to the future, whilst upholding the majestic greatlitude and history befitting the henge tradition” take a look at the site. Four kinds of biscuits compete, each with its own henge picture, and with an unexpected victor. This had everything we look for in a henge page except, well, adequate photography.  Score: 8½ druids for the web page, awarded for keeping the right attitude in the henge wars!

*biscuit translates as ‘cookie’ in American

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