Straw Echo Henge

Rare item: a henge replica at Stonehenge! This lucky person, Leon Reed, saw this 12 years ago and fortunately for us saw the meta-henge possibilities. We have found no other pictures so far in which a henge replica stands close enough to Stonehenge to appear in the same picture. Thank you, Mr. Reed!

Have to give this one a good bunch of druids, for the situation and a game attempt at reproducing the current state of the monument. 7½ druids for this straw henge, partly for the haiku-like visual juxtaposition of megalithic timelessness and the fleeting seasons of the field.

6 thoughts on “Straw Echo Henge

  1. You’re right, I think, on closer look. They are the same one from different angles. If you do find it and care to scan it, that would be good, but no need to go to any trouble, since I already posted this one. (Not that I’m above posting something twice when the henging gets thin!)

  2. Sorry the previous comment was a bit terse – I was a bit pushed for time. My comment about ‘great photos’ was the ones that you’ve got in the post.

    My guess is that the straw henge on the book and the one pictured here are the same one. They’re both three bales high and are made with the same shape bales They seem to be in roughly the same position too. I don’t know though – perhaps the Rough Guide photo-shopped it a bit?

    I used to have that edition of the Rough Guide – if I’ve still got it I’ll scan it if you’d like a more detailed image?

  3. I hadn’t seen it–is that a strawhenge on the cover? I wonder where I could find out more. When you say the photos are good, do you mean of Stonehenge or are there other modern henges?

    Anyway, thank you, Matt!

  4. I think this is a clever one and captures the ambient flavour of stonehenge, which is after all, in my opinion , 90% of the impact of seeing the real thing.

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