Kentucky’s Stonehenge


There are plenty of Stonehenge replicas in the States. One of the lesser known examples stands in Munfordville, Kentucky, in the cave area of the state. I haven’t been able to find much information about it, but the website says:

Kentucky’s Stonehenge does not strictly follow the layout of the actual Stonehenge. Instead, it has been set up to reflect the points on a compass rose with additional rocks marking the cardinal directions.


What do you think? On one hand it has that unnatural manicured garden look, but on the other hand it is at least oriented to the directions and they added a stone row, which is good. Still, those gravel bases and those round bushes–are they boxwood?– reduce the visual power.

Score: 5 and a half druids!

8 thoughts on “Kentucky’s Stonehenge

  1. Some recent (July 2013) photos (the shrubberies are now gone, by the way)…

    KY Stonehenge

    KY Stonehenge

    KY Stonehenge

    ~Dan Trabue

  2. I love my town! It may be small, but it’s great. Everyone knows everyone and we have a lot of unique things. I suggest kentucky Down Under in Horse Cave and Kentucky Repritory Theatre.

  3. Thank you, Dave. There you have it, folks–don’t give up too soon. Those last few seconds count!

  4. Hi Nancy & Others,

    Yes I did. Here in the 21st Century B.C.E. where I live, I have yet to get the film developed, but when I do, I’ll be sure to ask someone how to stick the 4″ x 6″ photos into the internet tubes.

    I think the photos above are adequate, though, as there aren’t any important-yet-subtle alignments that are missing: they just don’t exist at the Mumfordville site.

    The owner has several other stone-art sites nearby. One of them is basically across the street from Stonehenge. Visitors will see it on their way into the neighborhood. Don’t be fooled into confusing that site with Kentucky Stonehenge, which is 15-20 seconds’ drive further.

  5. By the way, Dave, did you get any pictures of it that you might want to share?

  6. Thank you, Dave. That’s good information for readers who may decide to visit it.

  7. I just visited Kentucky Stonehenge on the way back from Mammoth Cave (a brochure in the visitors’ center at Mammoth mentioned it).

    It’s about 10 minutes off of Interstate 65. On Route 31W, I think. There’s a *very* small sign on the side of Route 31W that directs you to turn right, and it’s two blocks away.

    I believe it’s in a guy’s backyard. No, really. There is absolutely zero tourist infrastructure. There’s just…well, the stones, sitting between a house and a tennis court. I walked around it for about five minutes, not realizing then that it’s apparently private property. There are a couple other stone designs nearby. Worth maybe 10-15 minutes of time in total.

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