Blobs of Compressed Wonder Bread: Stonehenge Replicas Hit a New Low!

Stonehenge, the grand and mysterious ancient ruin of Salisbury Plain, thought by some to be the spherical temple with many offerings located in Hyperborea, as mentioned by Diodorus, has now been reproduced in the medium of compressed Wonder Bread, which, … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! In Which We Venture into the Realm of Teh Cute!

Greetings to our readers. [heart] [heart] [heart!] We don’t have either of our new large permanent replica posts ready yet, but we wanted to put something up here for Valentine’s Day and look what we found!! THIS!!!! And you may … Continue reading

21 December, 2012: Apocalypse No!

Greetings, henge lovers everywhere, and a happy solstice to you all from your friends at the Clonehenge blog! Yes, you read the poster right. It says, “Dance inside a giant to-scale Stonehenge!” Yes, it says other things, too, but we … Continue reading

Stonehenge in Brasil, at the Center for the Study of the Universe!

photo by May Machado, used with permission Here it is, the 72nd item on our list of large permanent replicas and our first on the continent of South America. Didn’t we tell you that we knew there had to be … Continue reading

Henge-Podge: Odds and Ends That Have Come Across Our Desk, Part Two

from designboom First on this second edition of Henge Podge is not a Stonehenge replica but a clever henge-related item: Ikea-like instructions for the construction of Stonehenge. We couldn’t possibly say anything as clever as this is, so we’ll just … Continue reading

Strawhenge: When You’re Ready to Bale!

photos from the website of the Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada, with permission “Strawhenge is a conceptual installation of large straw bales constructed to celebrate the relationship between the momentary and the monumental.” So begins the text on the … Continue reading