Stonehenge Cake at Stonehenge! Centenary Day Has Arrived!

From @EH_Stonehenge on Twitter: “No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there are two monuments at Stonehenge today. One is a giant cake fit for 2,500 hungry guests! #SH100 Look at this! (And yes, we include the obvious rain in that … Continue reading

New Stonehenge Cakes: A Quick Post to Catch Us Up!

The Stonehenge cake, a sub-genre of the Stonehenge=you-can-eat category, is one of the most popular forms of small Stonehenge replica. And this brilliant photograph also falls into the rarified category of Stonehenge replicas AT Stonehenge, one of only three that … Continue reading

Interview with a Historian: Stonehenge Replicas Through the Ages (and, a most fabulous object!)

brilliant Stonehenge replica built by Brian Edwards and described below We are finally posting our interview with historian Brian Edwards, Visiting Research Fellow at University of the West of England, Bristol. Even if he were connected with Clonehenge in no … Continue reading

Stonehenge and Littlest Pet Shop, a Match Made in…the Oven!

Stonehenge replicas? You must be weary of us bleating on about them. We’ve decided that for the next few posts we will talk about other, more widely varied things, like a children’s show called Littlest Pet Shop, some handmade glass marbles, the … Continue reading

Compulsive Stonehenge Making: A Serious Psychological Problem!

(Attraction Dance Group Performance: Stonehenge makes its brief appearance from 16 to around 28 seconds into the performance.) People clearly cannot help themselves! Lately the Stonehenge replicas have been showing up faster and faster, not just new replica, but new … Continue reading

Stonehenge Under Water, and Clonehenge’s Fourth Birthday!

On the 20th of November, 2008, Clonehenge first appeared online. Posts were short, and we often did two or three a day. Four years later, here we are, doing fewer posts and longer, but still plugging away. Happy birthday to … Continue reading