Moai Coffee, Thailand: We Have SO Many Questions!

View this post on Instagram Stonehenge🗿😆#stonehenge#moaicoffee#suanpueng#ratchaburi#kitty_oh_travels#โมอายคอฟฟี่ (23Dec’17) A post shared by 𝕆ℍ’𝕤 𝕕𝕚𝕒𝕣𝕪 👸🏻📝 (@kitty_oh) on Dec 24, 2017 at 11:39pm PST Moai Coffee, Ratchaburi, Thailand: a meeting of moai, cyclopean walls, coffee, and of course Stonehenge. Seriously, humanity, how … Continue reading

The Fabulous Stonehenge Marbles: Perfect Gift for that Friend Who Blogs about Stonehenge Replicas!

We’ve all heard of the remarkable, historic, and controversial Elgin marbles, and lately they’ve been back in the news. But here on the Clonehenge blog we have something far more desirable to show you: the fabulous Stonehenge marbles by Chris Inchaos … Continue reading

Goodwood Revival Stonehenge: White-robed Druids, Cardboard Obama, and Then We Digress!

A Stonehenge replica was built for the Goodwood Revival, an annual festival of motor racing in the mode racing’s heydey, in the middle of the last century.* We don’t know much about this replica: what it was made of, just whose … Continue reading

The Eternal and the Momentary—the Trilithon Fountain of Lanjaron, Spain!

There are a few Stonehenge-like sculptures and fountains scattered around the cities of the world, but we hadn’t heard of this one until Mr. Dean Travchav Phillips posted it in the Clonehenge Facebook group. Nice find, we must say! Happily, … Continue reading

How Can You Bring Stonehenge into Your Life? Let Us Help.

photo from So many people wonder (apparently), “How can I bring Stonehenge into my life?” Luckily for them, there are so many ways! Above you see Muji’s Mysteries in a Bag, a small wooden set that includes not just … Continue reading

Fostering Childhood Henge Addiction and Practicing the Craft(s)…

photos from As we know, not everyone is content to have Stonehenge an ocean or even a few miles away. The many ways of supplying your Stonehenge fix include virtual Stonehenges, large private Stonehenges, large public Stonehenges, pre-made fabricated mini-Stonehenges and … Continue reading

Takino Stonehenge With a Buddha—in Japan!

photos by kamome, used according to Creative Commons License A-NC 2.0 below–the center of the photo above, enhanced to show the shrine Yokoso! (Welcome!) On Japan’s northern island, Hokkaido, the Makomanai Takino Cemetery Park hosts, among other impressive stone sculptures, … Continue reading