Avebury Model, Britton Cabinet

photos by Pete Glastonbury, with permission When we left you in the previous episode, Clonehenge was in the Wiltshire Heritage Museum examining the remarkable Britton Cabinet. Today Director David Dawson has kindly opened a drawer to show us the detailed … Continue reading

Happy Solstice! A Long Post for the Longest Day!

Greetings and a very happy solstice to all of you out there in the increasingly strange world of now! We know that people generally don’t find time to read blog posts anymore, what with one apocalypse or another looming at any given … Continue reading

Wiltshire Museum Models: Replicas for Learning (and for Tourists!)

One of the things that have become apparent in the last ALMOST FIVE YEARS that we have been posting on the Clonehenge blog is that there are many different categories of Stonehenge replicas—many reasons for making them, many sizes, many … Continue reading

More Old Film: Model of an Avebury Stone

photos and film link sent us by Pete Glastonbury, used with permission Apparently posting about Stonehenge replicas is, well, just not obscure and geeky enough for us. Otherwise why would we be so delighted to bring you this odd trifle–a … Continue reading

More Avebury–And We Thought There Were None!

photos by Pete Glastonbury, with permission Hello again from the amazing Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes. Of course we’re not actually there, but we have a rich fantasy life! Today, thanks to our regular supplier of Afghani-grade Avebury photos, we … Continue reading

Celtic Cabinet Stonehenge, Wiltshire Heritage Museum

photos by Pete Glastonbury, with permission The plaque on this cabinet in the Wiltshire Heritage Museum reads: “The Britton ‘Celtic’ Cabinet [Clonehenge thanks whoever is responsible for those single quotation marks!] The cabinet was originally made in about 1824 for … Continue reading